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Newsletter Volume no 2, August, 2013


Grace Leadership Foundation (a.k.a. Grace Foundation) came into being in January 2005 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Faith-based Organization. Grace Foundation is also a Non-profit making organization. The Foundation emerged after due consideration of the state of affairs in Nigeria, and the realization of the depth of decadence and corruption in the land. This ugly situation brought to the fore the realization that Nigeria, in particular and indeed the entire Black Race, urgently need a new generation of leaders; a collective that will be in the vanguard of a national leadership to bring about a rebirth and restoration of our dear country and race at large. 

The strategy is to provide leadership training, mentoring and encouragement to our youths; the proverbial leaders of tomorrow, to love their country and seek for her good and development at all times. They are to see their destinies as being tied to the success of this nation and do all within their power to make it a better place.


To be a catalyst in the Spiritual Rejuvenation and attitudinal Change of Nigerians and the Black Race


Raising a new generation of leaders for the restoration and rebirth of our nation under God by providing leadership and skills development training, mentoring, scholarship, information tools and micro finance for the empowerment of the youths.

The Journey So Far

The Foundation since its establishment has strived to accomplish her mandate based on its vision and mission received from the Lord. 'Raising the foundation of many generations' has been the watch word of Grace Leadership Foundation. Consequent upon this, the Foundation has been working hard to raise worthy leaders who will in turn become agents of change in our nation. 

 Grace Leadership Foundation has had it challenges over the years, but the Lord has been faithful and His grace has been sufficient for us. The Lord has granted the Foundation great success for which we praise His name. Below are some of the successes and achievements which the Lord has enabled us to achieve on our programmes thus far.