School Children Educational Development Programme

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Tagged SCDEP, this programme is an intervention in some secondary schools in Apomu Local Government of Osun State. Prior to the coming of the present administration and based on the findings from our investigations, it was discovered that some students from poor homes are not able to afford basic requirements to successfully prosecute their secondary school programme. As such many result to prostitution and menial jobs to make ends meet. 

The Foundation provided soft grants to selected students from five schools in the local government to enable them purchase exercise books and pay for the WASSCE. In addition, stipends were provided for beneficiaries as meal subsidy. Apart from the financial intervention, the Foundation also engaged in advocacy programmes to educate students of the schools in sex, hygiene and health education. Parents were also in attendance at these programmes.

This programme ran successfully for two years before the advent of the new administration in the state. Nevertheless, owing to their policy on education, this programme has been suspended for now.