School Leadership Development Congress (SLEDEC)

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SLEDEC is a leadership development programme designed for secondary school students. The programme exposes secondary school students to various fundamental issues and training such as; skills development, self discovery, career guidance, vision, leadership, academic excellence, community service etc. The programme is an excursion of some sorts that reveals the reality of life after secondary and how they could harness their potentials in view of the challenges associated with life. In order words, the participants are being trained and exposed to topical issues by well established experts mostly drawn from the universities. In the course of the exercise toward the end of the training, the students will be taken out for a brief community service along Oke-Ado Liberty road. This aspect of the programme is done in collaboration with OYOWMA. At the end of the two days programme, the participants will be awarded certificates of participation.

Grace Foundation Day

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In appreciation of the Grace of God on Grace Leadership Foundation over the years, the Board of the Foundation deemed it fit to organize an event that would avail the Foundation the opportunity to appreciate her partners as well as present her achievements over the year. In addition, the Grace Foundation Lecture Day was inaugurated and the 1st one was delivered by Professor E. A. Aiyelari, the then Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan. The event took place on 16th May, 2012. The event was well attended and indeed the aim of event as stated above was achieved. In the same vein, the 2nd Grace Foundation Day took place on 16th May, 2014 at the Trenchard Hall of University of Ibadan. The guest lecturer was Professor Yemesi Bamgbose, the Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The topic of her lecture was; “ Child Trafficking: Creating a Hopeless Future for the Future Leader”.  

Grace Micro Credit Scheme

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Based on our record, five (5) persons have benefited from the Foundation’s micro-finance scheme.  The scheme is designed to offer loan to low income earners. The aim is to provide credit facilities to assist low income earners in order to enhance their business. Beyond the loan being offered, the Leadership Congress of the Foundation includes various trainings on entrepreneurship which seeks to empower the youths economically. Moreover, the Foundation has been able to empower many youths, some of which have started their businesses through the knowledge they have acquired in our Leadership Congresses and Workshops.


Skill Acquisition Programme

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The Board of trustees of the foundation introduced this programme to the Foundation and they sponsored it. The programme was borne out of the need to refocus our graduates and encourage them to look inwards and not to roam the streets in search of paid employment. Participants were trained in many trades and skills out of which they were selected to begin operation. This is a bid to make them self-employed and employers of labor. Many role models were brought to advise and give testimonies to encourage them. The programme has been on for the past two years. It is now being merged with the City Edition of YLC to make it available to a wide spectrum of our participants.

School Children Educational Development Programme

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Tagged SCDEP, this programme is an intervention in some secondary schools in Apomu Local Government of Osun State. Prior to the coming of the present administration and based on the findings from our investigations, it was discovered that some students from poor homes are not able to afford basic requirements to successfully prosecute their secondary school programme. As such many result to prostitution and menial jobs to make ends meet. 

The Foundation provided soft grants to selected students from five schools in the local government to enable them purchase exercise books and pay for the WASSCE. In addition, stipends were provided for beneficiaries as meal subsidy. Apart from the financial intervention, the Foundation also engaged in advocacy programmes to educate students of the schools in sex, hygiene and health education. Parents were also in attendance at these programmes.

This programme ran successfully for two years before the advent of the new administration in the state. Nevertheless, owing to their policy on education, this programme has been suspended for now.

Mentoring Program

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Hitherto as part of ASP, the Foundation runs the Mentoring programme for only the scholars. But as from 2010, after the first Campus Edition of YLC, it came to the fore that the programme should be expanded to include interested student leaders and those who have attended the City Editions. In view of this, a mentoring committee was set up under the able leadership of Dr. Ade Adewole (Mrs). However, the greatest challenge of this programme is the dearth of worthy role models in whose hands we can commit the mentoring of our participants. As such, we have not achieved much under this programme. We therefore encourage you, if God lays it upon your heart to volunteer to be a mentor to contact us through our phone numbers and email address contained in this newsletter. God bless you as you willingly submit yourself to be used of Him to rescue our nation.

Youth Leadership Congress

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YLC is a leadership training development programme as well as the flagship programme of the Foundation. It is organized bi-annually in two editions; namely: YLC City Edition and YLC Campus Edition.

YLC City Edition comes up within the city of Ibadan and takes place at the Auditorium of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Alesinloye, Ibadan, mostly in the month of August each year.

To date, we have had about 6 versions of this programme and about three hundred scholars have participated in the programme thus far. In addition to the leadership training and instruction, coupled with practical sessions, the Foundation also added the Environmental Sanitation and Awareness Programme tagged: Adopt-A-Street Programme in 2009. Under this programme, the Foundation with the consent of the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA) adopted the Oke Ado Junction to Liberty Stadium Road. After the training sessions, the Foundation takes participants at the YLC City Edition out to sweep and keep clean roads as a way of inculcating in the participants a virtue of good leadership. It is also geared at stimulating the awareness among the people in the community the need for environmental cleanliness and sanitation. Many thanks to OYOWMA who have consistently provided us with support through cleaning implements and waste trucks to cart away the wastes gathered from the street and drains.

List of YLC City Edition to date




No. of Participants

No of Guests


27th August 2007

Raising up the Foundations of Many Generations




11th & 12th April 2008

Leadership with Diligence




4th April 2009

Purpose for Effective Leadership




13th - 14th August 2010

Leadership Challenge – Imperatives for the Youth




12th - 13th August 2011

Empowerment towards Self-Sufficiency




31st August – 1st Sept., 2012

Leadership and Economic Empowerment



YLC Campus Edition as part of the Foundation outreach to student leaders in our campuses, this programme comes up once a year. For now, it is operating at the University of Ibadan, where the bulk of our scholars come from. To date, we have organized two Campus Editions at the University of Ibadan in 2010 and 2011. The 2012 edition could not hold as a result of the strike embarked upon by ASSU. Same reason (as mentioned above) applies to the 2013 edition. This year, we hope to combine the City and Campus Editions to come up 0n 18th & 19th October, 2013 at the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. The theme for the 1st Campus Edition will be on 'Leadership Challenge' while the 2nd will be on 'The Leader You were Born to be'.



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ASP is a scholarship/mentoring programme of Grace Leadership Foundation. The programme was developed to help gifted but financially-challenged students in the tertiary institutions with scholarship and mentoring. The programme also provides the scholars with career guidance, skills development and leadership training.

Beyond the provision of scholarship, ASP is aimed at making the scholars worthy leaders who would bring about a change in all spheres of our society. Towards this end, upon graduation they become members of the New Generation Vanguard; a movement aimed at providing a platform for developing a critical mass of leaders that will work assiduously to bring about a change in our nation. Through this movement, the graduate scholar is expected to work together in pushing the vision of the change we desire in our nation. 

To date, nineteen (19) scholars have graduated under this programme. A list of the graduate scholars is shown below. Out of this number, 5 medical students graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and College of Medicine, Obafemi Awolowo University with distinctions. One of the medical students (Dr Lekan Adepoju) from College of Medicine, University of Ibadan came out as the best student in the year 2013.

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