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Saturday 1, October 2016

Bible Passage: Psalm 126

Memory Verse; "Restore our captivity, O Lord, As the stream in the South." Psalm 126:4

Independence connotes freedom. Freedom comes in different dimensions to different people and in different situations. For a person, freedom can mean being set free form bondage, slavery and debilitating situations such as sickness, being held down by satanic oppressors, ancestral and generational causes. For a nation, it can be freedom from colonial masters, from economic, political as well as social depression and bondage.

For our nation Nigeria, this month marks another milestone in our remembrance of freedom from the colonial rule of Great Britain. There is usually a great joy when one is liberated and set free from one bondage or the other. My mother recalled the day, October 1 1960, as a day of great celebration across the land. Women went to town with uniform apparels (called ‘anko’ in Yoruba language), men organised big parties all through the night in celebration of the freedom of Nigeria and attainment of self-governance. As we celebrate the independence of our nation Nigeria, the Lord brings a word to us. That He is liberating us individually from every bondage that has held us hostage all our years. Whatever it is, with respect to its peculiarity to us individually or collectively as a people and a nation, we will be set free, totally this month in Jesus name.

Nigeria, despite her independence from colonialism, is yet to be totally free! It appears we only exchanged colonial bondage with slavery to our own kit and kin! It is like we are under a siege from within and no matter how we try, we are unable to make a breakthrough. Every year Nigeria moves on towards the abyss, propelled, as it were by an army of occupation; our own brothers and sisters, who due to greed and personal interests are doing their best to snuff life out of the nation! We absolutely need deliverance and freedom from oppression by our own.

We should however not despair. The Lord brings a reassuring word in Psalm 126, that just like a dream He will bring back our captivity. Our bondage will be a thing of the past! Nigeria shall arise in the glory of the Lord to take its rightful place as a nation ordained and blessed by the Lord. A nation where there is peace and prosperity. A nation where there is rejoicing, where the Lord is her God, doing great things for her.

On a personal level, the Lord says this is your month of total freedom and deliverance from sickness, oppression, poverty and lack. You will yet return with a shout of joy, bringing your sheaves with you. Your mouth filled with laughter and your tongue with joyful shouting in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Go forward into your month of independence with confidence and joy. The Lord will do great things for you and you will be glad!

The Lord bless and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace, now and forevermore. Amen.

Have a great month of total freedom.

1.    Thank the Lord for bringing you into the month of October, your month of total freedom and independence.

2.    Thank Him because He has promised to set you free from all negative situation and circumstances that are confronting you right now.

3.    Pray that He will fulfil and perfect His counsel concerning you this month. That you will not lack any good thing, but all your needs will be abundantly met according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

4.    Rebuke the spirit of anxiety doubt and fear. Pray that the Lord will indeed set you free from them this month in Jesus mighty name.

5.    Pray for our nation, Nigeria that the Lord will indeed set her free from the oppression and bondage from within and without.

6.    Ask that the Lord will give our leaders a change of heart to take the development and prosperity of the nation seriously and that they will eschew greed and self-aggrandisement to the detriment of the generality of the people

7.    Plead that the Lord will give our President wisdom in the knowledge of Him, that will enable him to handle the economic situation and affairs of the nation wisely so that we will get out of this recession and that there will be rejoicing and dancing again in our land.

8.    Ask that the Lord will imbue us with the spirit of selflessness and that we will all work for the common good of all, knowing that in ‘the peace thereof shall be our peace’

9.    Pray for the nations of the world, particularly the ‘world powers’, that the Lord will grant them wisdom and understanding to manage the affairs of the world well. That by their actions, inactions and permissiveness, they will not plunge the world into unwarranted disaster and bring the curse of the Lord upon the nations.

10.    Pray for the United States of America, that as they embark on the journey of electing a new President, that the Lord will help them to choose the right leader, who He has prepared for a time like this in in their lives and in our world.


This is your month of total deliverance from sickness, bondage, oppression, poverty and lack. Go forth with shout of joy and your mouth filled with laughter in Jesus mighty name.

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