Oasis of Grace!

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Memory Verse;    "And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness."   Corinthians 12:9

We read in the book of Genesis, chapter 47, verses 1 to 13, how, when the children of Israel came into Egypt from the land of Canaan; where there was serve famine, God caused them to be placed in the land of Goshen in Egypt.

Goshen is a land reputed to be the best of the land in Egypt. It is an area, located in the Nile delta, which is well watered and ideally suited for the shepherding of cattle.

Therefore, imagine having escaped from a serious famine in which, by the words of the mouth of Jacob’s children, ‘they had no pasture for their flocks: for the famine is sore in the land of Canaan’, Pharaoh, as recorded in verse 6, gave out the ‘best of the land in Egypt’ to them. It is a manifestation of the grace of God upon their lives.

When we juxtapose the experience of the children of Jacob with the present situation in our country, we see many similarities. At the moment, our country, Nigeria is going through a period of recession. The economy is in dire straits, lying prostrate! Things are very difficult for the people! No salaries for months! Inflation has practically hit the roof! The value of our currency, the Naira, is depreciating by the day! It was reported recently that people are already moving back to the rural areas, where they feel they might find some respite. A sad incidence was also reported sometimes ago, when a woman gave one of her children as payment for a bowl of ‘gari’!

But the message of God to us this month is that our He is providing for us an Oasis of Grace! Just as He did for the children of Jacob in those days and placed them in the land of Goshen. An oasis is a place or situation that is much more pleasant or peaceful than the places or situations around it.

This month the Lord is bringing us into our own land of Goshen – our oasis of grace! We are only required to ‘stand still and see the glory of the Lord’. Do not join the complaining bandwagon, but wait patiently on the Lord. Take the practical steps that He will give to you, unquestioning. This is a time for us to demonstrate more faith than ever before. Earlier in the story of the descendants of Abraham, starting from Abraham himself, God commanded them not go down to Egypt. But in this case, God led Jacob to Egypt, having earlier sent Joseph to prepare a posterity for His people. The Lord has gone ahead of you this month to prepare your land of Goshen. You will come into your oasis of grace, where there is abundant provision to take you through this period of drought. It is well with you.

The Lord bless and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace, now and forevermore. Amen. Have a wonderful stay in your Oasis of Grace.
1.    Thank the Lord for bringing you into the month of September.
2.    Thank Him for having you in mind and preparing for you, in this time of drought, an oasis of grace, where there is abundant provisions to nourish you and members of your family.
3.    Pray that you will rise up to the occasion in faith, by obeying the instructions which He will give you that will take you to your land of Goshen.
4.    Rebuke the spirit of doubt, worry, fear and anxiety that may be denying you of the peace that the Lord has so abundantly provided for you.
5.    Pray that the Lord will lift you up above sorrow and sadness this month. That no calamity shall come near you and your loved ones. Cover them all, including yourself with the blood of Jesus and ask that He will protect and guide every one of you.
6.    Pray for our country, Nigeria and plead that the Lord will give our leaders the spirit of grace and wisdom to be able to handle the situation and affairs of the nation that will bring it out of this recession and that they will know how to provide hope for the people.
7.    Ask that the Lord will imbue us with the spirit of selflessness and that we will all work for the common good of all, knowing that in ‘the peace thereof shall be our peace’
8.    Pray for the nations of the world, particularly the ‘world powers’, that the Lord will grant them wisdom and understanding to manage the affairs of the world well. That by their actions, inactions and permissiveness, they will not plunge the world into unwarranted disaster and bring the curse of the Lord upon the nations.
9.    Pray for the United States of America, that as they embark on the journey of electing a new President, that the Lord will help them to choose the right leader, whom He has prepared for this time in in their lives and in our world.
10.    Thank the Lord for your oasis of Grace and pray that you will not miss it in Jesus name.

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