Adopt-a-Scholar Programme

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ASP is a scholarship/mentoring programme of Grace Leadership Foundation. The Programme was developed to help indigent, but gifted students to have access to sponsorship, career guidance and development. The programme is essentially for students in the tertiary institutions who are studying to go into professions.

Apart from providing scholarship, ASP will also provide leadership training/mentoring and development to beneficiaries so that they can become leaders in their various professions thereby providing an avenue for raising future leaders for our nation.

This scheme will afford Nigerians who are highly accomplished in their various fields of endeavour the opportunity to provide scholarships to indigent students through the tertiary institutions. It will also give them the opportunity to serve as mentors for the beneficiaries.

The Programme

The sponsors/mentors will be great achievers with exemplary character and conduct who have attained great success in life and as such are exemplary role models.

The scholars will be students with great potentials and abilities who will be selected by a selection board of eminent Nigerians and then attached to the sponsors, both for sponsorship and mentoring.

The sponsor/mentor will have periods of informal contact with the student through a programme to be designed by the foundation. Also during the period of sponsorship and mentoring, the Foundation will provide a forum for formal interaction between all those participating in the programme for the purpose of benchmarking and information sharing.

On its part the Foundation will also provide scholarships for students and appoint mentors who will assist in mentoring them.

Sponsorship is not in perpetuity. It will be renewable every year based on the scholars attainment of a specified grade at the end of each year of sponsorship.

The scheme will however not stop after the studies of the student but will be on throughout the life of the beneficiary, including his/her career development and professional life. The ultimate goal is to have beneficiaries of the scheme become members of the New Generation Vanguard and be able to participate either as sponsors, mentors or both.

This programme also has the dual purpose of providing grounds for the production of leaders who will take up leadership positions in the nation and thus change the face of leadership in our land.

The Selection Board

The Selection Board will comprise essentially of eminent and highly respected individuals who will be saddled with the responsibility of selecting and recommending scholars that are referred to them or have applied for the programme.

This board is unique in the sense that they will essentially be ladies.

Members of The Selection Board

1. Mrs. Yemi Ilesanmi - Osun State Ministry of Education and Member Board of Trustees
2. Mrs. Yemisi Okunmadewa - Oyo State Ministry of Health
3. Mrs. Folake Bademosi - University Press Limited
4. Mrs. Biola Macaulay - Intercontinental Capital Markets
5. Prof. Yemisi Bamgbose - Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan.

Adopt A Scholar Forum

Finally, the Foundation has set up a forum where contributors, adopters and sponsors will have the opportunity of making donations of a minimum of N10,000 annually towards the programme. Apart from the funds provided by the Foundation, these donations will be a pool from which funds will be drawn for running the programme. This is to ensure that we have a ready flow of funds for the programme.