youth leadership congress (YLF)

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On the 25th August 2007, the Foundation organized the 1st YLC in the city of Ibadan. The programme came up at NuStreams Conference Centre, Alalubosa GRA, Ibadan. The Youth Leadership Congress (YLC) is a bi-annual Leadership Development Programme of the Grace Leadership Foundation. This is the first in the series and it will be organized during the summer and Easter holidays.

Basis of the Congress

The Foundation in the course of investigations and study of the various Youth Clubs and Associations existing in the community discovered that the major preoccupation of most of these clubs is only to bring together youths of the same age group as a rallying point for social contact and partying.

In many cases, the aims and objectives of these clubs are not well defined. Where they are defined at all, it is mostly for the purpose of organising carnivals during the Christmas period and other festivities to entertain themselves and have fun. After this they most invariably disperse to their various homes, schools or places of engagement, only to regroup the following year.

The Foundation therefore realised the need to bring the leadership of these clubs together for the purpose of leadership training and development. It is time to engage these youth associations and indeed our youths in more positive and proactive roles within their various communities and prepare them to be good leaders of our nation. It is also important to provide a forum for them to discuss their activities so that they can be given a platform for carrying out their programmes and activities so they can achieve effectiveness and sustainability.


1. To train, nurture and equip young leaders with the necessary leadership skills that will help them attain their full leadership potentials.

2. To inculcate in participants desirable leadership qualities, competencies and behaviours that will make them resilient and resourceful to be able to implement meaningful and relevant activities and programmes that will help develop their immediate communities and the nation at large.

3. To provide a credible platform for the coordination of the programmes and activities of the Youth Associations for effectiveness and sustainability